Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I like my coffee with sugar and cream

You know how sometimes waking up in the morning, the best thing is just a hot, steaming, cup of coffee?

Yeah coffee is awesome, unless you are clumsily knocking said cup of coffee all over your keyboard, which then floods into your old, barely holding on Mac.

So my apologies for being so blog-less lately, as I have been computer free. Thank God for that iPhone, or I'd be pulling out my hair! I'm currently on my BF's laptop, which is heavenly and makes me crave just having a random grand or so hanging around to purchase my own.

Cross your fingers that my computer woes end soon and with a happy ending.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Boys that gave me that "tingly" feeling

My boyfriend is not going to love this post.

But ooh, I've been working up a list of hot boys I was in love with in the 90's. The dreamboats. The bad boys. The ones who made me feel like a grown woman.

Let's start with one of my faves:
Brad Renfro

I had an abnormally huge crush on Brad Renfro. He starred in such movies as The Client, The Cure, and Tom and Huck. He went on to do more serious acting in late teens, twenties before passing away. I am beyond embarrassed to tell you that I saw Tom and Huck in the theater. MULTIPLE TIMES. And I would "wooo" at the screen when his name came across in the opening credits. I mean it's ok, I lived in Olympia and was 13 and hadn't discovered riot grrrl yet. Right?

on to:
Jonathan Brandis

Wait. I just realized the first two actors I've listed are now dead. That's pretty morbid and sad. But Jonathan Brandis! Oh be still my tweenage heart. Ladybugs. That's all I need to say right? Cross dressing soccer players made me swoon. One year I dressed up as Jonathan Brandis from Ladybugs for Halloween. You can understand how confusing that was to be a girl dressing up as a boy who was dressing up as a girl. Whatever, it was awesome. Also, I'd like to add that I crushed out on him in Seaquest. But that dumb dolphin!

Andrew Keegan

Let me preface this by saying that by the time he did 10 Things I Hate About You (which I adore), I was over my childish infatuation with him. I was a full on Keegan fan after seeing Camp Nowhere. Oh lord, I still find that film totally enjoyable. Did anyone else see that? I used to quote it incessantly.

Christian Bale

(I hate that when I googled pictures of him, mostly what came up with stuff from American Psycho. Yikes)
Oh Christian. You're still marginally attractive, but in my head you will always be selling papes in Newsies or swapping spit with Winona Ryder in Little Women. What a dreamboat.

Leonardo DiCaprio

I, along with millions of other girls, went through a huge Leonardo faze. I thought he was adorable in Growing Pains. I loved What's Eating Gilbert Grape, The Basketball Diaries and The Quick and the Dead. Then Romeo and Juliet came out and the shit hit the fan. I thought he was the most beautiful man on the planet. He was just the ultimate. By the time Titanic came out, I had sort of grown out of my crazy crush, and now I don't really find him attractive at all, but he is an amazing actor. I just watched Revolutionary Road the other night and it was heart wrenchingly good.

I know there's more, but I'll leave it at that for now. I don't want to give you too much eye candy!

Friday, January 1, 2010

I love you Steve Jobs

So I hope everyone had a lovely holiday. Christmas and New Years both have come and gone without anything dramatic or weird happening, a success in all respects!

I have made a serious decision. I have purchased:


This is a big deal because I never really imagined I would have an iPhone. I've had a 4 year old flip phone from Verizon for, well 4 years. Before that I didn't even have a cell phone. Yes, I didn't start using a cell phone until I was 24.

And now I have the mack daddy of phones. It is a gem. It's beautiful and sleek and I get my e-mails whenever I want, I can watch youtube videos of Jem in bed, I can play pac man or skee ball while I'm waiting in line at the post office, or if I forget where the nearest Taco Bell is, my phone will tell me. It also takes pictures of me and then makes them rainbow:

That photo is ridiculous. But it's rainbow! Seriously.