Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Late Thanksgiving

I wanted to post a blog and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, but my internet has been down for two days.

So a little late but....

I hope you are truly stuffed and spent time with people you love. I can check both those off my list.

On a second note, this man came into my work the day after Thanksgiving, when I was not there.


How unfair is my life? According to my star struck co-workers he was soft spoken and smelled amazing. My boyfriend is throwing up as he reads this, because he hates Morrissey with a passion. Relax babe, go put on some Dylan and take deep breaths.

I can't believe he came into my work the day I wasn't there. argggggggg

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ladies Love Cool James

For those curious...I ACED my midterm!

So I've got my itunes on shuffle, and one of my favorite 90's jams comes on:

Play on: LL

I seriously loved this song in high school. And it's DIRTY! So much moaning and simulated rubbing. I mean it's no Eazy E "Gimmie Dat Nut", or Lil Kim "Not Tonight" but still.

I think I enjoy this song so much now because it samples Grace Jone's awesome "My Jamaican Guy". Of course, I didn't know this at the tender age of 16. But my older, more musically educated self, can still appreciate both. Guilty pleasure

Just thought I'd let you know, this is how I spend my days off. Listening to 90's classics ("No Diggity" is probably next), and reading blogs.

Carry on.

Monday, November 16, 2009


I have a midterm today.


I haven't taken a midterm in 10 years. I'm a little nervous. It's open note, and I have been excessively organized with them (binder, with different lectures divided by topic with terms highlighted), so it's time to chill out. I don't think I could be any more prepared. I just need to take the damn test and relax.

Oh wait, I have my first ESSAY due Wednesday, which I have been dreading. Seriously, I haven't even started it yet. It's Monday. I know, I know.

Instead of doing my essay, I have been obsessively working my way through the old 80's Degrassi series. When I lived in Olympia, I had a friend from Canada whose mom paid for her insane cable bill just so she could get the 'N' network and watch the new Degrassi. All I really remember from those days is giggling every time anyone said "sorry", in their cute Canadian accent.

So, thanks to Netflix, I decided to get into the original series from the 80's. And OH MY GOD, it's a total doozy. So out of control, cheesy and awesome. I never really caught it on PBS when they re-aired them in the US while I was a kid, so this a totally new treat for me.

It's sad that my favorite characters were pretty much written out of the show after the first season. Meet Stephanie Kaye and Voula.

The episode continues with Stephanie giving kisses (on the cheek, how chaste) to boys in order to win votes for class president. And poor Voula. She's so adorably clueless!

LOVES IT. The amount of skin shown/makeup worn by Steph is insane. All her best scenes are in the bathroom, undressing or caking more on.

In between Lifetime movies and How I Met Your Mother season 4, I'm getting back into the Next Generation Degrassi on Netflix. Expect more videos and comments from moi.

Friday, November 13, 2009

First post

So I've moved into Blogger, because I've hated the way Wordpress is set up, which has then equaled no postings from me. And I swear I have interesting things to say! Feel free to check out my old site and get a rehashing of what I do:

Perhaps I'll start this blog with my overwhelming, and slightly new, love of the holidays. It feels like the older I get, the more I miss my family (who are only an hour away to be honest), and the more important things like the holidays become. Also I am a nostalgia junkie, and there's just something satisfying about watching Peanuts specials, cooking and baking holiday treats and carving pumpkins to resemble Domo:

Have I expressed my intense love of Domo? He was the Target Halloween mascot last year and I kind of dropped the ball on acquiring mass Domo merch because of a lack of Target near me. (Sidenote: seriously Seattle, get with it. The closest Target is 20 minutes away on the freeway, which can equal 40 minutes in bad traffic.)
I bemoaned my sad Domo-less existence, until 7-11 picked him up as *their* new mascot. I currently have a cute little Domo figurine sitting on my computer speaker, wearing huge Dj headphones and carrying a slurpee. I tore him off a slurpee straw that only cost me 1.99. He's so cute! It's also fun to use Domo as an exclamation when excited about something. Such as:

"I'm so stoked to eat pumpkin pie with whipped cream, DOMO!"

Ok, maybe just between my boyfriend and I, that's funny. That was a serious Domo tangent.

Anyways, I am excited about the holidays. Halloween was pretty great and included lots of pumpkin activity (pumpkin patch, pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, carving pumpkins, you get the picture), a viewing of the greatest Halloween Disney movie starring Bette Midler EVER: Hocus Pocus, gorging on tiny butterfingers and admiring the pretty fall leaves that will soon gunk up all the storm drains and flood our city.

I'm excited for Thanksgiving, mostly because it's the first time in 3 years that I'll actually have it off! (I work in a 365 day a year record store, which means I never have holidays off). Turkey and mashed potatoes and cranberries and pie and perhaps hanging out with my sisters and shopping the next day. Le sounds lovely.