Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm sorry I'm so lazy

Just wanted to apologize for being such a slacker on the blog. I have a variety of excuses but here's some fun pictures I googled first to show the depth of my sincerity:

My excuses are:
*My 'e' key is sticking. true. It's driving me up the GD wall. Every...fuck, just typing that was a chore. Anyone have any good tips on how to fix this?
*My internet has been taken away. After a good year of mooching high speed off my stupid neighbor, she decided to move. Clearwire hasn't sent my boyfriend and I a second modem yet.
*I've been re-reading a LOT of 80's YA books. A LOT. I just got a batch of real books from the library, which means I'll have to put Sweet Valley High "The New Jessica" aside, and that's really ok with me.

I have some blog posts planned, including one sparked by my recent purchase of the Complete Daria, of favorite 90's MTV shows. I'll try to get on that.