Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Post: ABC Movie rolecall

Hello blogosphere. I'm not dead. Although winter quarter of college definitely tried to murder me, I managed to survive. I thought this blog was a goner; however, inspired by some fellow bloggers, I've decided to post my ABCs of favorite movies.
(this is what one does when one has the day off and is fighting off a cold, but still has to go to school tonight and is trying to summon up the strength. Also googling pictures makes me feel better.)
Here we go. The movies that I could watch a billion times over and over. Note that these are not picked based on merit, just truly movies that I love, love, love.

Anne of Green Gables
(I know this was a TV movie, and I debated whether to include Annie or Adventures in Babysitting instead, but I'm sorry. Anne with an E gets me every time)


The Breakfast Club

The Craft
(C was a toughie. There's Clueless, Can't Buy Me Love, The Cutting Edge, Camp Nowhere, but teen witches always win in my book)

Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead


Encino Man

The Faculty
(Truly one of my favorite 90s horror/sci fi films. Underrated I think)

"Goonies never say die!"

(I love me some Home Alone & Hocus Pocus but neither could TRULY compete with Heathers)

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown


The Karate Kid

A League of Their Own

Ok, that's all for now folks. Is it obvious that I f'ing adore 80s & 90s movies? Am I living in a perpetual state of childlike nostalgia? Do you think I'll actually manage to do M-Z? Keep those fingers crossed!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

What the crap happened to Jason Marsden?

Random thought; yes. But seriously guys, whatever happened to Jason Marsden? Not to be confused to with James Marsden (27 Dresses) or James Marsters (Spike from Buffy). I'm talking about Jason motherfracking Marsden:

(that picture was too goofy too pass up)

Jason first came to my attention as Dash X in the awesome, sort of cult-y, X-files for the tween set show Eerie Indiana. He went on to play small parts in a barrage of hit tv shows in the 90's: Baywatch, Blossom, Secret World of Alex Mac, Full House, Boy Meets World, Step By Step (remember when he hooked up with Dana?) etc. A pretty stellar list right? Not only that, he voiced the cat (Thackery) Binx in the best Disney Halloween movie EVER, Hocus Pocus. ::squeal::

I was feeling nostalgic for 'ol Jason, and was wondering what had become of him. Apparently raking in a shit ton of dough doing voices for cartoons. I guess that's what happens when you age past the "look" of 15, and are still 5'1". His voice actor resume is too impressive and lengthy to list, but if you're curious, check out his IMDB page.

And holy crap! He's turned into Faraday from Lost!!
(Can I swoon for Jeremy Davies just a little?)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Things that need to change about Glee before the whole show capsizes

Ok. I AM A GLEEK. I frigging love the crap out of the show Glee. I download songs before the episode is out, I have frantic text sessions with my little sister while watching episodes, I nerd out on message boards (well sometimes) about the outcomes of my favorite characters.

But Glee is seriously starting to piss me off. I feel like they are taking a great show, and completely ruining it. Here's a few helpful hints to help Ryan Murphy and Co not destroy the show I love:

1. Enough with the artist themed episodes. Last night's Britney Spear's extravaganza was a great example of this. No real plot development. Sometimes tacky song arrangements. Scene for scene video re-enactments. This equals snooze fest. I'm not saying there wasn't enjoyable aspects of the episode (Seeing Heather Morris finally sing/dance the hell out of some songs, a Glee-ified version of "Toxic" that didn't suck, Sue's zing about wearing more vests than the cast of Blossom, John Stamos!!!), but you can't just throw four Britney hallucinations and a little Rachel/Finn drama in there and call it a day. I keep hearing talks of a Michael Jackson episode, a Bruce Springsteen episode, another Britney episode. NO. Please. Just put a stop to it. Incorporate these artists songs into different episodes, but please stop the focus. You nailed it with Madonna. Leave it at that.

2. Enough with the guest stars. Now wait a minute. I'm not calling off an end to ALL guest stars. Kristin Chenoweth was perfection (I wish she a regular cast member), Neil Patrick Harris...well probably didn't deserve that Emmy but was good, Idina Menzel was grossly underused and you all know how I feel about The Groff, swoon. (I'm still pissed at the way they didn't resolve that whole plot line...argg).

But now I'm hearing talks of Gwyneth Paltrow guesting. Barf. Jennifer Lopez has been rumored for quite some time. Barf. Susan Boyle. Ughh, barf. Justin Timberlake & Javier Bardem...well, swoon, but still, barf.
(I'm exempting John Stamos from this bashing because he kind of charmed my panties off last night. I also feel like he's B/C list enough to take a guesting role on Glee to really boost his career, instead of it being some celebrity cameo)

So you know, give the damn cast that was part of the pilot a freaking chance to sing!

I want more Kurt solos, more Mercedes solos, more Tina solos, more Quinn solos dammit! I want to see Mike Chang do more than dance and show off his abs. I want to explore what all their family life is like, since we've only been introduced to Quinn/Finn/Kurt's parents. Give this cast something to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2.5. If you kill off Mike O'Malley, I will stop watching the show. There I said it. I DARE YOU RYAN MURPHY.

3. Relating to 2, I'm going to say less Rachel solos. I have a hard time admitting this, since I'm a fan. I adored Lea in Spring Awakening. She kind of rocked my socks off in the first few episodes. But now? It's like a screeching cat. Who sings ALL. THE. TIME. I'm tired of it.

3.5. (see above) Lay off the auto tune. These kids can sing. Stop trying to make them sound like robots. Let their damn natural talent shine.

4. Back to Rachel....why are they trying to destroy this character? The writers have done everything in their power to make her the most annoying, whiny, clingy, obsessive, mean spirited, bitch on the show. Remember when the show started and she was an uber geek, who was aggressive and perhaps misguided in her need to be popular/famous, but who still had a heart? She was endearing in her nerdiness and you rooted for you her because you wanted her to succeed. I also miss the "home schooled" outfits. You can advance a characters growth without totally destroying how they began. (See: Willow - Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

4.5 Don't overdo Sue. You've got to ride that fine line. She's become the breakout star, the Emmy winner, but you gotta reign it in. Too much of a good thing is not that good. (also: Brittney)

5. Don't believe your own hype. Stop listening to Sony, and Fox and the media and anyone else whose trying to shove some agenda down your throat. Be the show that had a great first 13 episodes and a pretty decent back 9. Be funny and clever and snarky but still find the heart in all the subjects you mock. Spread out the song choices, let the cast shine. You've got a gem on your hands, and all it takes is one awful season for it all to go in the can. Good luck. I have (sort of) faith in you. Even after hearing that next weeks episode is called Grilled Cheezus. :: eye roll::

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More Beverly Hills...creepy sexist rapist teacher

School has started again and everyone's excited, except Dylan. Duh, he's juggling 2 girls now who happen to be best friends. Not smart.

You should have gone David's route and hooked up with some chick who's not from your town. Except, uh oh...she's transferred here. Good lord, I could see that coming a mile away.

David realizing he's never going to have sex with Donna.

Andrea is really excited to be a senior (for like the 6th year in a row) and can't wait to introduce Brandon to their new faculty advisor for The Blaze. Even Jason Priestly, who's at least 23-24 isn't buying Gabrielle as a 17 year old. Look at his face. Priceless.

Brenda, Steve and Donna agree to be senior "buddies" to some incoming freshman/transfers. Look, it's the girl from The Nanny and Beethoven!

And apparently she's really into the 70's fashion revival that hit us all in 1990. Plus, she's totally pulling a Stephanie K. from Degrassi.

Shannon is shocked. "I didn't get the memo to wear a cute (ugly) vest, instead I wore all black! It's New York cool right?"

Kelly and Dylan have Spanish together. If I could speak espanol I would write something sort of sexy, ooh la la here. Fail.

Fuck, Brenda is in the class too. Look at how evil she is. I totally wanted her bangs in 7th grade though.

Dylan knows he's in hot shit. It's only a matter of time before this all hits the fan. You're still adorable though.

And look who Donna's buddy is! I'm shocked. It's f'ing Nikki. The girl David cheated with this summer. Predictable plot twist.

Oy ve. Remember last year, when nobody liked me and now I have girls falling all over themselves to get in my hammer pants.

New English teacher/faculty adviser suggests Andrea let Brandon be chief of The Blaze this year. hello, The Blaze is like totally Andrea's life. And has been since 1985! You can't ruin her streak!(by the way, first time I saw this, I got the weird rapist vibe, not sexist teacher)

Kelly works out aggressively and bitches about Brenda & Dylan while creepy David watches. Gross.

Andrea has had enough! She's tired of your wanna-be James Dean hair Brandon, and she's not going to put up with it anymore. (she's quitting the paper)

What the crap Dylan, Brenda found a dangly clip-on earring at your place, and it IS NOT HERS! She only wears hypoallergenic earrings from Claires, not these trashy things.

"I just switched my whole schedule around to save your ass. You're welcome. No wait, I didn't do this for you. I did this for me! Because I am a feminist, and refuse to let some scum bag boy make me feel bad. And you won't be getting into this babydoll dress anytime soon"

Oh my god, it's The Nanny girl and her grunge biker gang. Except Donna drops the bomb that Nanny girl is actually Scott (you know the guy who was in the 1st season of BH90210, but wasn't very cute, so they killed him off in season 2 by making him accidentally shoot himself in the face? Yikes)'s little sister. Brenda feels dumb for not remembering who he is. Don't worry Bren, most of us forgot about him too.

Andrea basically calls teach out on his sexist bullshit. It's actually kind of awesome. No snark here.

Post tongue-lashing depression.

What do you mean about having the same great taste in guys? I know we buy the same off the shoulder tops from The Rave, but that's all we have in common right?

Donna we did not have sex. Just making out with a little tongue...and I might have given him a BJ in his parents cabana. But it didn't mean anything to me! Don't blame David, he's such a great guy! Blame me! Slutty transfer student!
(no really, this character pretty much calls herself a slut)

Time for Brenda Walsh pep talk. "I didn't really know your brother. But I was at the party where he was shot. So you know, we have that bond."

Co-Chiefs! Perfect solution. Andrea can do all the work and Brandon can take most of the credit.


What are you doing? I love Donna. I just don't know how to tell her that I can't keep it in my pants, and her dad won't write a storyline where we lose the big V together, and it's just so hard....

Busted. But ha ha, we're just playing a trick on you. Together. Because we're besties now, and making you miserable is our new favorite past time. Hi-five sista.

So I'm still holding out for sex....but we can kiss a little.

Kelly, you're just lonely. We need to find you a dude as cool as my cool-rider Dylan. Wah-wah.....credits